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Best Ski Harness and Ski Tools for Toddlers

Best Ski Harness and Ski Tools for Toddlers

"The best part about the Slope Ropes is that it keeps the toddler in the correct ski stance. The simple design of the Slope Ropes consists of a solid braid polypropylene rope with two plastic handles spaced an equal distance apart. The parent holds one handle and the young child has the other handle at hip level. As young skiers begin to move forward the rope works to keep the child near the adult, while the little skier stands on their own, supporting their body weight. Parents will find that steering their child with the Slope Ropes is simple. It’s so easy you can do it one-handed! (Or even on a snowboard, if you’re into that!)

Once back at the magic carpet or chair lift, parents can easily flip the Slope Ropes over the kid’s heads. Wrap the rope around the handles and tuck it away for the next run!

I personally find the Slope Ropes a simple way to teach my daughter not only how to stop, but also how to turn to stop. Now that she is skiing on her own she has gone straight from the Slope Ropes to turning while making her pizza to stop. (The technical ski school term for this is Wedge Christie.)

Another advantage of using the Slope Ropes is that it gives you the ability to tow your young kids through flat terrain. Bunny hills can be notoriously flat, to the point where younger kids can get stuck. Before toddlers can shuffle through flat areas at the ski resort they will need your help to get where they need to go. To give your toddler a tow using the Slope Ropes, hold the handle and either place the handle on their lower back (this works best for very young toddlers) or have your child hold the handle as you skate them through the flat terrain."

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