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Learning to Ski with Slope Ropes

Slope Ropes are true teaching aids, as opposed to child-management devices. Developed by a certified CSIA ski instructor in consideration of Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance’s Gliding Experience and Professional Ski Instructors of America’s Children’s Alpine Teaching Methodology, Slope Ropes encourage proper posture and technique, making them great for one-on-one ski lessons or as a supplemental-teaching tool for parents skiing with their children between lessons.

Slope Ropes are designed to encourage an athletic stance, and with the handle sitting at a child’s waist help control the relationship of the Center of Mass to the Base of Support - nose over knees over toes. Similar to the hula hoops instructors have been using for decades, Slope Ropes improve on the concept, providing twice the distance between instructor and child, and a collapsible design that can be stashed in your jacket.

Slope Ropes and CSIA's Gliding Experience

In order to illustrate how Slope Ropes fit within the four skiing objectives of Canadian Ski Instructors' Alliance's The Gliding Experience (a key tenant of CSIA instructor training), we’ve incorporated our images into their visual tool.

Slope Ropes and PSIA's Skills Concept

Professional Ski Instructors of America's Fundamentals of Skiing framework also aligns perfectly with the core benefits of Slope Ropes – gently guiding rotary movement, supporting directional movement, and encouraging proper weight distribution and posture for balance and stability. The PSIA principles of The Skills Concept are outlined below.