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"The best part about the Slope Ropes is that it keeps the toddler in the correct ski stance. The simple design of the Slope Ropes consists of a solid braid polypropylene rope with two plastic handles spaced an equal distance apart. The parent holds one handle and the young child has the other handle at hip level. As young skiers begin to move forward the rope works to keep the child near the adult, while the little skier stands on their own, supporting their body weight. Parents will find that steering their child with the Slope Ropes is simple. It’s so easy you can do it one-handed! (Or even on a snowboard, if you’re into that!)

Once back at the magic carpet or chair lift, parents can easily flip the Slope Ropes over the kid’s heads. Wrap the rope around the handles and tuck it away for the next run!

I personally find the Slope Ropes a simple way to teach my daughter not only how to stop, but also how to turn to stop. Now that she is skiing on her own she has gone straight from the Slope Ropes to turning while making her pizza to stop. (The technical ski school term for this is Wedge Christie.)

Another advantage of using the Slope Ropes is that it gives you the ability to tow your young kids through flat terrain. Bunny hills can be notoriously flat, to the point where younger kids can get stuck. Before toddlers can shuffle through flat areas at the ski resort they will need your help to get where they need to go. To give your toddler a tow using the Slope Ropes, hold the handle and either place the handle on their lower back (this works best for very young toddlers) or have your child hold the handle as you skate them through the flat terrain."
"The other teaching tool we use is the Slope Ropes. We do not use a harness for teaching our kids to ski! It forces their upper body to lean back in an incorrect skiing position. This position teaches bad habits that are challenging to reverse. When skiing you do not want your upper body leaning backward.

Instead of teaching our toddlers the wrong way to ski, we use a teaching tool that works with their body to put them in the correct skiing position from the get-go. The Slope Ropes is a rope with two plastic sticks. One side is for the parent to hold. The other side goes around your toddler’s waist. This simple device pulls the toddler’s hips slightly back while keeping their upper body straight.

Bonus: It also works well to tow your kids around the mountain! Have them hold on like they’re holding reins and you skate in front of them while pulling your toddler or kid through flat areas. Heck, you could even use one to help a snowboarding buddy out! The Slope Ropes is easily stowed in your coat when you’re on the lift, or when you’re giving your toddler the freedom to practice independently."
"Slope Ropes - this is a MUCH better teaching tool, which gives the learner more control and helps you guide them into turns and slow them down"
"Slope Ropes. These are a favorite of ours. Slope Ropes combines the control of a harness, but with the ease of using them (or not) for partial runs or with multiple kids without having to completely move the harness from kid to kid. It’s a large circle of rope with 2 plastic bars/handles at each side. The parent holds one end and the child skis inside the circle with the other bar across their hips. If used properly, your child balances and controls their own weight and speed, but you have the peace of mind of knowing they can’t just take off down the mountain out of control. Bonus: You can reverse your positions and help pull your cute little dead-weight on the flat stretches."
"The first things I noticed when we started bringing our Slope Ropes to the hill is how easy they are to manage. I would often just wrap the ropes over my body and would easily be able to manage the gear and the ropes with ease. (think of it like wearing a cross body purse). These are also a dream to ride the chair lift with. The other harnesses that we tried had a lot to them, and made for a tricky lift ride (we always had to carry all those pieces in a separate bag). With the Slope Ropes, we just popped them over our body like a cross body purse, or wrapped them in our hands, and enjoy the lift.

Then came the introduction of the Slope Ropes to my son. Well, he LOVED THEM. He calls them “my ropes”. So selling the concept wasn’t a hard deal to do, now it was time to test them out. I first started with walking behind him on the bunny hill while he got used to the rope. After 1 run on the bunny hill, it was clear that the we were ready for the board. Having him hold on to the ropes vs. being set up with a harness, means he was learning how to carry his own weight and getting stronger with his balance.

What I love about the Slope Ropes is that I can hold them with 1 hand. The other versions of ski harnesses usually have two parent ropes, which yes could be held with 1 hand but it’s a lot to manage. (Trust me, I’ve tried it)."

"Slope ropes is for people who are learning to ski, designed with children in mind. From the first timer, to kids who are trying more advanced hills for their first times. The design helps teach proper form and allows enough movement for the child to learn correct turning techniques. As much as it is for the kids, it’s also for the parents! An easy way to keep your children near you and in control on the slopes! 

MTN Town Magazine Winter/Spring 2018

02/04/2018 - Page 32

"Slope Ropes are like an elongated and floppy Hula Hoop. A large circle of rope with two plastic handles, the child skis inside the circle with the rope at his or her waist. The parent skis outside the circle holding onto a handle. When used properly the ropes are slack, not tight, and the child is supporting his own weight and balancing independently. Slope Ropes are useful for reinforcing a forward skiing stance."
"The Slope Ropes Ski Trainer allows you to prevent mad speed dashes and can give your tentative child confidence that you’re right there with them."

"One set of handles is for the parent or instructor, who skis outside the loop. The other handle is for the child, who skis inside the loop with the handle at his or her waist. This reinforces a forward stance, because if the child leans backward, the ropes will fall.

Slope Ropes expand the circle provided by a hula hoop, while giving parents some control over their child’s speed and direction. The rope is also helpful for pulling kids across flats."



"Slope Ropes are an ultra simple product to guide novice skiers through their first steps of learning, providing an easy way to get up hill for short repetitions for the little ones and a controlled way to get down hill to keep them safe. Honestly I think the bold design and colors is what sells them. Kids like bright fun stuff and moms and dads like seeing their kids."


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"Any parent tasked with teaching their children how to ski will tell you how difficult it can be. Trying to ski backwards while guiding your child down the hill is taxing, not to mention uncomfortable. Slope Ropes aims to eliminate that problem. Slip the tow rope around your child's waist and hold the other end in your hand. Stand behind them and guide them as they make their way down..."


Durham Parent: How to Teach Your Kid to Ski
"For Ms. Kelderman and Hannah, going down the hill was a little tricky, admittedly, and they were initially using a hula hoop to help the youngster steer. When Ms. Kelderman switched over to Slope Ropes, they found it a breeze to help Hannah steer and keep her in control. They used a skipping rope for Hannah's first time skiing, but by the end of their lesson, they were hooked on Slope Ropes..."

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"Sean Dempsey had tried everything he could think of to help his children learn to ski. From expensive back harnesses to hula hoops to steering the child down the hill between the legs, he knew there had to be an easier way to train his kids to ski using the proper form..."

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"Lap after lap, skiing with the kids just got a whole lot easier with this debut learn-to-ski aid: Slope Ropes. The simple (yet groundbreaking) newbie-skier device is a new-fashioned hula-hoop. No harness. No leash. Handle in hand, parents can provide gentle guidance through the turns, speed checks and pulls on the flats. The rope rests at the child's waist, with the goal of not introducing bad posture backaches - for the parent or the kid..."

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"Dubbed the easiest way kids learn to ski, Slope Ropes provide them with the thrill of actually skiing. The product enables a teacher to gently guide a child’s movement without restrictive harnesses or leashes. Parents like them because they don’t spend the day bending over..."